More Than Just A Fitness Challenge

More Than Just A Fitness Challenge

on Thursday, 01 June 2017. Posted in X-Treme Fat Loss

If you are doing our 6 Week Summer Slimdown Challenge, you already know that the top three males and females who drop the most body fat are going to win a year, 6 months, and 3 month gym membership, respectfully.

What flies under the radar during these prized challenges is the real benefit of staying consistent during our 6 Week Summer Slimdown Challenge, and eventually becoming a member if that suits your needs. Sure, dropping enough body fat to win a year, 6 month, or 3 month membership keeps the wallet full, but our 6 Week programs and our gym is much more than that.

Fit for Life Gym is a culture built around sustaining a healthy lifestyle, hence the name. Our philosophy and mission statement stands true to providing you with the tools to sustain your health years and decades after you first start. It is a lifelong program, not just a 6 week program. Because our philosophy on health stands the test of time, we believe we are the best gym in Bakersfield. We stand to grow by improving the lives of our community.

I’m writing this to help you understand just how important, and big, a decision you have made to join us during this 6 Week Summer Slimdown Challenge. You are making one of the biggest decisions of your life, because, in a lot of respects, your life depends on it. When you invest in your health, you not only change your life physically, but you change the lives of the ones around you, the ones you love.

We know it isn’t easy waking up at 4am for our Fat Loss, Metabolic Blast, and Yoga Fit morning classes. Or coming to our night classes right after a long day at work. We know it isn’t easy managing your nutrition with a busy lifestyle, which is why we invented our meal replacement shakes. We noticed the dedication you keep by coming in for our Yoga Fit or Kickboxing Classes on Wednesday nights when you could have just as easily stayed home.

Every time you participate in improving your health, you improve your life. You may look at me and think, “Well, that’s easy for Shane to say, he’s already where he wants to be.” But I use to be just like you. I started out knowing absolutely nothing about health and fitness. I joined a gym in my hometown 15 years ago having not the slightest clue how to workout. I’ve tried every diet under the sun to see if it would solve my problems. And what I am telling you is, this system, the road map we have laid out for you at Fit for Life Gym is the accumulation of all that practice, Tim’s, Trent’s, Nicki’s, Mike’s, and mine, to bring you the very best quality and sustainable health practices in the great city of Bakersfield.

With the challenge coming to a close in the next 2 weeks, it is time to think about your next step. You’ve already seen the benefits of using our program to feel better, look better, and have more energy. Now it’s time to decide whether to continue the life changing benefits Fit for Life Gym has to offer, or go back to the life you had before you found the solution to your deepest health problems.

When coming to this decision, it is important to realize that consistency is the most important key to achieving your weight loss, fitness, and/or health goals. If you want to continue joining our 6 week programs after the two week break, great! We’d like to encourage you do this as much as you want! If getting a membership is more suitable for you, that is great too! As mentioned before, the best thing you can do for your health and your goals is stay consistent. It really is the magic pill you’ve been looking for!


Shane Hubbard

Fitness Professional/Nutrition Coach


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