Avoid these 10 habits to avoid gaining fat

Written by Tim Gojich on Friday, 01 November 2013. Posted in Get Fit Healthy Blog, Health Articles


detox-the-key-to-optimal-healthDrinking big glasses of fruit juice and Gatorade with a meal is a really good way of getting fat because of the large amount of fructose (sugar) they contain . Fructose converts to fat very easily because it stores directly in the muscle cells. I have mentioned this to people for years and always have a few people that want to argue that they get a lot of vitamins from drinking fruit juice. LOOK, you can get all of those vitamins from eating the actual fruit with additional benefits such as fiber and phytonutrients, but with a lot less carbs and calories. The exception to this rule is when using juice in a post workout scenario. This is the only time that your body will use the quick acting sugar to deliver the protein. This window after your workout is about 30 minutes. After that, your body will want to store that sugar as fat. So if you crave juice later in the day, choose a vegetable juice.

2. Binge Drinking

bingedrinkDrinking moderately throughout the week is okay. The person who does not drink all week and binges on the weekend is the one that is going to get fat. A binge for most people on just a single night can result in consuming 1000 calories from the alcohol alone. But most people who binge also eat without consequence which can result in gaining 1 pound of fat in just one night. Lets say you drink on a Friday and Saturday night in one weekend, you are basically looking at gaining 2 pounds in just 2 days. Do the math and add up the total number of binge weekends you have in a single year.

3. Eating Bad Carbs

spaghettiguyBad Carbohydrates will make you Fat, quickly! The average person consumes way too many processed carbs. Processed carbs are dangerous because they break down so fast in your system. Your body has to release insulin every time you eat processed carbs which causes rapid weight gain and type 2 diabetes. Try and stick to the good Carbs as part of your daily diet. Good carbs break down slow and give you long lasting energy. Your body will be able to use good carbs as fuel. Fruits, vegetables, brown rice, quinoa, and beans are ALL good carb choices.

4. Eating Out

DSC02310Any form of eating out will make you fat. It doesn't matter if you eat at McDonald's or a sit down restaurant. If you eat out on a regular basis, you will take in more calories than you would if you prepared your food from home guaranteed. I am not going to sugar coat this. Eat at home more than you eat out or you will get fat and stay fat.

5 . Being Lazy

couchpotatoThis sounds obvious but I am shocked at how many people will workout and drive around for 5 minutes looking for a parking place as close as possible. The same person will opt for the elevator over the stairs. I realize Bakersfield is not set up to walk places, but that is no excuse. Walk the dog, walk to the store if you just need a couple of items,or get on the bike path and ride a bike. Just get moving! Your metabolism will thank you for these small changes.

6. Just focus on Cardio

cardio3I understand why the average person believes that doing cardio alone can make you lose fat. The issue is that steady state cardio done without resistance training is ineffective for fat loss. It is decent for your heart, but does close to nothing for your waistline. It is very simple. Resistance training builds lean tissue, and lean tissue burns fat as energy, therefore resulting in a higher metabolism. The key is a good balance of resistance training and interval cardio work. This is why our style of metabolic training at Fit For Life Gym is more effective for fat loss than jogging or going to a big box gym and doing machines.

7. In Your Face Foods

junkfood2This is a killer for a lot of people. If you buy junk food and it is in your face you are going to end up eating it. People will buy chips and cookies and just set them on the counter so they are always in sight. If you see it, your brain will want it. There have been numerous studies done on this subject to prove this. Those who hid the junk food consumed far less of it when it was out of sight. This goes for the fridge as well. Hide the tempting stuff in the spaces where you do not see it every time you open the refrigerator door. Or..... make it easy and DO NOT buy Junk Food!!

8. Fancy Coffee Drinks

McDCaramelFrappFight2I have seen people gain 3 to 5 pounds a week when drinking these desert coffees. These drinks are loaded with calories, sometimes up to 800 total calories. The McDonald's large frappe caramel is 680 calories/29 grams of fat/ and 88 grams of sugar! Your average meal should have between 300 and 500 calories of a balance with protein, carbs and fat. These drinks are almost all sugar and fat calories. This results in a huge blood sugar spike. Your body ends up instantly storing these excess calories as fat. Go for black coffee if you need a caffeine fix. You can add a bit of your own sweetener.

9. Shopping at big grocery stores

T362200-Shopping trolley-SPL1I have been talking about this subject for at least 10 years. The big super markets have a lot more junk food than the smaller stores. I like Trader Joe's and Lassen's because they do not carry Pepsi, Coke, Fruity pebbles, etc. You go to a smaller store and shop for your essentials for making breakfast, lunch, dinner and snacks for the week. If you are in the group that chooses to shop at Costco or some of the other big super markets, I guarantee that you are buying non-essential foods that are going to make you fat. There is just too much temptation in the long isles of these warehouse stores. If you have kids the temptation for them is even greater. Supermarkets intentionally place junk products low for them to see them.

10. Lack of Sleep

girl-sleepingIf you do not get enough sleep on a regular basis you will get fat. If you are trying to lose fat and are lacking sleep on a regular basis you might as well just stop working out. When you are sleep deprived your metabolism changes and not for the better. This change causes you not only to become hungrier, it also slows down your metabolism, making your body the perfect Fat storing machine. According to one study, people put on 3 pounds in less than a week when there sleep was interrupted. When sleep deprived, your body also starts to break down lean tissue for energy. Lean muscle tissue is more valuable than gold. Once you lose enough of it, you become fat. Your body and mind need between 6.5 and 8 hours of sleep. In order to get this amount of sleep you have to start turning off your iPhone, television, and other electronic devices about an hour before bed. These things stimulate your brain. When your brain is stimulated it does not release melatonin, the chemical that makes you sleepy. Another culprit that robs you of sleep is alcohol. While you might think that it helps you fall asleep, it robs you of rem sleep because of the blood sugar crash you experience about 2 hours after falling asleep. If you argue that you need alcohol to sleep I would argue that you need AA.

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