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Artificial Sweeteners and Time - Restricted Eating

on 01/29/18. Category: X-Treme Fat Loss

Are Artificial Sweetners Safe to Use?

Reports have come out in the past that artificial sweetners are bad for your health and that you should avoid them at all costs. The issue with those reports are that they were vague and lacked creditable resources. In fact, many of the meantioned claims were subjective, meaning they were not proven with measurable or repeatable results. 

As it turns out, the amount of artificial sweetners you would have to consume for it to be harmful to your health is about the amount you could fit in a bathtub! The drinks you are consuming, like diet coke, zero-carlorie energy drinks, and the like dont have anywhere near that much artificial sweetner in them. That being said, there are healthier options for artificial sweetners when available that we recommend you consume. 


Can I Use Artificial Sweetners During My Fasting Time?

Yes! Because artificial sweetners are not broken down by the body like foods or sugar, they do not break your fast. This is great for those who consume coffee or tea in the morning and want a little bit of sweetness to cut the bitter taste. Remember that artificial sweetners are often 100 times sweeter than sugar, so you do not need a lot. We recommend using 1 teaspoon per 1 cup of coffee or tea.


Which Artifical Sweetners To Use

While we don't want you to go mad trying to have the best quality artificial sweetner, it is important to have healthy options when available. Some restuarants might have natrual artificial sweetners like Stevia, but most will have Equal, Nutra Sweet, Sweet & Low, or Splenda.



Stevia (Best Source)

Stevia is a natural sweetner that has zero calories. You can add this to your coffee or tea without losing the sweetness. Because Stevia is so highly concentrated, it is best to use in small amounts.

Other common names for stevia products are Truvia and Pure Via


Splenda is another common artificial sweetner you might find in drinks or even foods. Like many other artificial sweetners, Splenda is very sweet, so you don't need a lot of it when using it in coffees, teas, or even in baking. It does well when exposed to high temperatures and wont lose it's sweetness when put in hot coffee or tea.


Aspartame is the most used artificial sweetner out there. You can find it in most diet sodas and zero calorie energy drinks. While not a natural source of artificial sweetner like Stevia, it interacts with the body the same as with other artificial sweetners. One thing to know about aspartame is that it will lose it's sweetness when put in hot liquids, so keep this in mind if you are going to put it in hot coffees or teas.


Shane Hubbard


Apple Cider Vinegar Drink Recipes (For Fasting and Feeding Window)

on 01/22/18. Category: X-Treme Fat Loss

Apple cider vingear has numerous health benefits. One of its most talked about benefits is it's ability to lower and control blood sugar. With 64% of Bakersfiled diabetic or prediabetic, controlling blood sugar is a serious priority for this city. In fact, studies show that when apple cider viengar becomes a staple in the routines of people with prediabetes and diabetes, their blood sugar levels are reduced by 25-32%.

Keeping blood sugar is not only important for health in general and preventing and controlling diabetes, but also for fat loss. When the body has a blood sugar level that is beyond a base level amount, the body will not burn fat for fuel. This is because it is using the blood sugar for energy instead. Only when your blood sugar is stable can the body burn fat for energy. This is one of the major road blocks for many people when it comes to burning body fat. You can eat all the best foods, exercise every day, but unless you balance your nutrition and keep blood sugar levels low, you will not burn body fat.


Fasting Apple Cider Vinegar Recipe

In a shaker cup or glass put:

Ice (half way)

1-2 tablespoons apple cider vinegar

Half a medium lemon 

Fill to the top with water


Feeding Window Apple Cider Vinegar Recipe

In a shaker cup..


1 teaspoon raw honey

1 teaspoon cinnamon

1 ounce cranberry juice

2 tablesooon Apple cider vinager

Water to top


Shane Hubbard


How Time-Restricted Eating Works If You Want to Eat Breakfast

on 01/19/18. Category: X-Treme Fat Loss

A traditional Time Restricted Eating (TRE) strategy has you fast in the beginning of the day and feed or eat in the latter part of the day. While this strategy works well for a lot of people, skipping breakfast for many is not an ideal way to start off the day. Sometimes this is due to social conflicts such as company meetings in the mornings, or families bonding over breakfast. Luckily, because of the flexibility of Time Restricted Eating, there is an easy work around for those who want to have breakfast but also get the benefits of this Time Restricted Eating strategy. Here is the solution.

In a typical Time Restricted Eating strategy, you have a 12-16 hour fasting window where you skip breakfast and a mid morning snack, as well as caloric drinks. Then between 10am and 12pm you break your fast with your first meal. After you break your fast, you have an 8 hour window of time to consume your normal meals + a snack if it fits in with your fat loss meal plan type.

Your Feeding Window

For those who want to still have breakfast, your Time Restricted Eating Plan is some what reversed compared to the traditional version. For example, let’s say you have breakfast around 8am before work with your family, a friend, or co-workers. You take your first bite of food and have now just started your feeding window, which is 8 hours long. Within the feeding window you are aiming to eat according to the meal sheet. Now, because Time Restricted Eating is a flexible strategy, their is no shame in trying to follow every recommendation to a tee.

For example, let’s say you have a plan to bring lunch to work the next day but a few co-workers want to go out to lunch. You really want to go, but you packed your lunch. We want you to feel good about ditching what you brought for lunch that day and going to lunch with your co-workers.

A big part of overall health is your social health. Being the person who brings their lunch and foregoes having lunch with your co-workers can cause social stress and make sticking to a healthy plan much harder.

We want you to have the flexibility to saving your packed lunch for another day and enjoying time with your co-workers outside of work. Does this mean you should throw caution to the wind and order the fattiest food on the menu? No! We want you to still aim to chose healthy options while out to eat. In fact, you can still follow the basic guidelines of our meal plan at any restaurant!

Now that we have talked about your feeding window and how it starts earlier in the day, let’s talk about your fasting window.

A Word About Caffeine And How It Fits Into Your Plan

Because your feeding window is open during the morning and early afternoon hours, you have the ability to add cream or sugar to your caffeinated drink of choice. In a more traditional Time Restricted Eating Plan, cream and sugar, or anything adding calories to your liquids, is not allowed. With that being said, remember to be conservative with how much cream and sugar you put in your drink. Only use as much as you need. When it comes to having caffeine in the morning regardless of fasting or feeding windows, make sure you finish drinking it before 11am.

Fasting Window

From 4pm until 7am the next morning, you will not eat any food and only consume water and/or water with apple cider vinegar. This means you will be skipping dinner as oppose to breakfast in a traditional Time Restricted Eating plan. Be sure to notice that caffeine is not allowed in the afternoon as it will keep you up past the time you should start getting ready to go to bed.

Good quality sleep is another part of fat burning and not getting enough sleep can hinder your fat burning goal. Not only that, but lack of sleep has been shown to disrupt the natural sleep/wake cycle causing your body to store calories regardless of how well you eat. Along with Time Restricted Eating, getting high quality sleep is a great one-two punch for a fat burning lifestyle!

For a lot of people, skipping dinner leads to feeling better in the morning, and so this strategy is flexible for those who experience that. For some, skipping dinner is less in line with their lifestyle and so skipping breakfast works better long term. Regardless of which strategy you use, Time Restricted Eating is a very flexible eating plan that can be adjusted based on your lifestyle.


Shane Hubbard


More Than Just A Fitness Challenge

on 06/01/17. Category: X-Treme Fat Loss

If you are doing our 6 Week Summer Slimdown Challenge, you already know that the top three males and females who drop the most body fat are going to win a year, 6 months, and 3 month gym membership, respectfully.

What flies under the radar during these prized challenges is the real benefit of staying consistent during our 6 Week Summer Slimdown Challenge, and eventually becoming a member if that suits your needs. Sure, dropping enough body fat to win a year, 6 month, or 3 month membership keeps the wallet full, but our 6 Week programs and our gym is much more than that.

Fit for Life Gym is a culture built around sustaining a healthy lifestyle, hence the name. Our philosophy and mission statement stands true to providing you with the tools to sustain your health years and decades after you first start. It is a lifelong program, not just a 6 week program. Because our philosophy on health stands the test of time, we believe we are the best gym in Bakersfield. We stand to grow by improving the lives of our community.

I’m writing this to help you understand just how important, and big, a decision you have made to join us during this 6 Week Summer Slimdown Challenge. You are making one of the biggest decisions of your life, because, in a lot of respects, your life depends on it. When you invest in your health, you not only change your life physically, but you change the lives of the ones around you, the ones you love.

We know it isn’t easy waking up at 4am for our Fat Loss, Metabolic Blast, and Yoga Fit morning classes. Or coming to our night classes right after a long day at work. We know it isn’t easy managing your nutrition with a busy lifestyle, which is why we invented our meal replacement shakes. We noticed the dedication you keep by coming in for our Yoga Fit or Kickboxing Classes on Wednesday nights when you could have just as easily stayed home.

Every time you participate in improving your health, you improve your life. You may look at me and think, “Well, that’s easy for Shane to say, he’s already where he wants to be.” But I use to be just like you. I started out knowing absolutely nothing about health and fitness. I joined a gym in my hometown 15 years ago having not the slightest clue how to workout. I’ve tried every diet under the sun to see if it would solve my problems. And what I am telling you is, this system, the road map we have laid out for you at Fit for Life Gym is the accumulation of all that practice, Tim’s, Trent’s, Nicki’s, Mike’s, and mine, to bring you the very best quality and sustainable health practices in the great city of Bakersfield.

With the challenge coming to a close in the next 2 weeks, it is time to think about your next step. You’ve already seen the benefits of using our program to feel better, look better, and have more energy. Now it’s time to decide whether to continue the life changing benefits Fit for Life Gym has to offer, or go back to the life you had before you found the solution to your deepest health problems.

When coming to this decision, it is important to realize that consistency is the most important key to achieving your weight loss, fitness, and/or health goals. If you want to continue joining our 6 week programs after the two week break, great! We’d like to encourage you do this as much as you want! If getting a membership is more suitable for you, that is great too! As mentioned before, the best thing you can do for your health and your goals is stay consistent. It really is the magic pill you’ve been looking for!


Shane Hubbard

Fitness Professional/Nutrition Coach


Team Training Classes At Fit For Life

on 06/02/16. Category: X-Treme Fat Loss

6 Weeks Or Membership


Team Training at Fit For Life is our version of a medium to large group personal training class structure. It can’t be called a boot camp or group x because it is better than that. Each and every workout is instructed by certified trainers who pay close attention to form. Each and every workout is structured to resemble a "real program." Simply put, those who show up at least 4 days per week get results. Nothing we do is random. Each day plays off the one before. We do not repeat movements over and over that lead to injury. We do however motivate and push those who need it, while teaching and being patient with those who are new to exercise.
The classes are intentionally offered at times that busy adults tend to need. Our 5 am class is our largest. These are people that go to bed early and show up expecting a top notch workout for their efforts. The 6 am crowd tends to attract most of our new people. Our 5:30 pm class is usually the crowd that gets off work around 4 or 5 pm. The flexibility is what makes it easy to get results with us. You show up at whatever time you need to in order to get your 4 to 6 days per week routine in.

Team Training at Fit For Life is offered in different price structures to meet your needs. All offerings include body fat testing, customized nutrition and a great support team.
Those individuals that are ready to truly start on the road to becoming "fit for life," are encouraged to sign up for our ANNUAL TEAM TRAINING MEMBERSHIP. This membership is a one year commitment to your health. Most people need at least one year to truly adjust their lifestyle habits into healthy, long lasting habits.
For the person that has an event coming up and might need 3 months to drop some body fat and tone up, the 3 MONTH TEAM TRAINING MEMBERSHIP will be perfect.
We also offer Team Training in 6 week bouts for those individuals that are not looking for a long commitment. When we offer the 6 week promotions, everyone wins. We dedicate this period to intense fat loss protocols for members and new people. Most of the long term members started with on of our 6 week promos. Once you have stuck out 6 weeks, the results usually help that decision.
To learn more about membership CLICK HERE or call us at



X-Treme Fat Loss Cheat Day

on 04/16/14. Category: X-Treme Fat Loss

X-Treme Fat Loss Cheat Day
If you have been following the diet and making all the workout days I know that you are losing body fat. The X-Treme Fat Loss Diet takes a few days if not a week to start getting used to.  This strategy will continue to work to get you lean even beyond this program. There is a lot going on within the programs diet. One of the key components is the CHEAT DAY. The cheat day does a lot to actually keep you on track. Without going into a lot of the science behind it I will give you some tips on how to cheat so that it will not effect your FAT LOSS. Remember there is a strategy to cheating and it does not include going to a buffet 3 times a day and taking in 5,000 calories. You want to show some control. So a couple of slices of pizza are fine, while half of the pizza with ranch dressing is still a bad idea. Below are some examples of cheating.
During the week, the diet has you getting away from overloading yourself with carbohydrates first thing in the morning. This allows your body to burn fat as fuel instead of carbs while you go about your day.  On your cheat day, go ahead and have pancakes or waffles or a bagel with a couple of eggs. If you like Oatmeal, have it with raisins, a little brown sugar, butter, and cinnamon. If you like eggs Benedict, have them for breakfast. Morning is a good time to take in some fruit that the diet does not have you doing such as cantaloupe, melon, oranges etc.
At Lunch you can have a sandwich, couple of slices of pizza, Chinese food, etc. Of course not all at once.  You are cheating using carbs again at this meal but not going crazy. A 6 inch sandwich is still better than a foot long. If you like Cheeseburgers, go for a single and a small fry. A double burger with large fry will make you want to hurl after eating clean all week.
You are not restricted so much at dinner on the program. The dinners have had a pattern of starting with a salad and working your way up to dinner with soup and keeping the carbs fibrous. To cheat at dinner, have things in their correct portions such as,  pasta, garlic bread, Parmesan chicken, tacos, burritos, etc. Again, different than what you have been doing but you are not going crazy. 5 tacos is still a bad idea. 2 should be just fine.  Desert can be a little ice cream, cake or pie etc. Just watch the portion size.
An important note on cheating; if you have an addiction to sugar and this diet has started to curb it, do not let the cheat day trigger you to want to go back to soda drinking, ice cream eating, candy during the day etc. These habits have to go away if you want to lose fat long term. All it takes for someone addicted, is one time. This is as true a statement about sugar as it is with alcohol and drugs. The effected area of the brain is similar. So, if you are addicted, try and stay away from sugar this early in the program. After a few weeks you might be able to bring some back. You know yourself better than anyone, do not let sugar lie to you. You do not need it.
Remember, this diet is really a lifestyle change. It takes time to change. If you could string together a solid 7 days following it just the way that it is written, I know you will lose fat and feel great while doing it. Cheating falls into the scheme of a 7 day pattern including fasting once or twice a week. The cheat keeps your hormones balanced so that from week to week you keep dropping fat without the urge to binge. This is why it is not an option. The cheat is as important as the fast in terms of long term fat loss. Good luck.
Any questions, feel free to email me.
Tim Gojich