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Fish Oil and Supplements

Written by Tim Gojich on 11/22/13. Category: Supplements, Fish Oil

Fish Oil and Supplements

Places like GNC make millions of dollars selling people supplements. The supplement business, as a whole, is a 60 billion dollar industry in America. So if so many people are buying supplements, shouldn't we be the healthiest country in the world? Unfortunately, we are not! The countries that are in the Top 10 of healthiest countries, probably do not take near as many supplements as Americans do. If you go to a supplement store, they will fill your shopping bag with fat burners, vitamins, some magic berry pills, and a host of other crap that is going to do absolutely nothing if your lifestyle and diet are bad. You have to start with a healthy diet rich in nutrition and clean up your lifestyle before even thinking of ADDING anything to it. Until you have accomplished a balance of food, lifestyle and exercise into your life, you should not try and fill in the holes with supplements. The holes will become too big, and the supplements will fall right through into your toilet.

Eating healthy is simple, you just have to shop for healthy whole foods. I always talk about the importance of shopping at Trader Joe's and Lassen's. These stores offer a higher quality of whole foods. If you eat out on a regular basis you are more than likely starving for real nutrients. Please do yourself a favor and only eat out 20% of your week. Your shopping list should include quality proteins like free range chicken, free range eggs and high quality beef and pork. You should have plenty of organic fruits and veggies and high fiber carbohydrates. So you ask: Where is the fish? Well, I could tell you all day to eat wild salmon and fresh fish, but you probably will not listen to that advice. If you shop for all of the items that I just mentioned above and you leave out fish, then there is going to be a hole in your diet. This is where Fish Oil comes in.

carlsons-fish-oil2Fish Oil is not a supplement. It is essential to the human body. Calling it a supplement would be like calling water a supplement. You need water to live. You need Omega 3 Fatty Acids to live healthy. I look at fish oil as filling that gap and delivering something that every cell in your body will use. I learned of the importance of fish oil about 7 years ago. I started telling all my boot campers and clients to start taking it. The problem back then was that it was not mainstream enough for people to really listen to me. They kind of thought I was crazy. Well, fast forward to now and you see fish oil sold in almost every supermarket. When I learned about fish oil I was taught to only take high quality oil that is free of pcbs. I personally take Carlson's Brand Fish Oil and that is why I sell it at the gym. The amount that adults should take is around 5 grams. If you purchase capsules you should know that each capsule is only 1 gram. If you take the oil, you just need to take one teaspoon and that equals 5 grams. I do reccomend you stay away from cheap fish oil. There is a major lawsuit against several companies that sell fish oil with pcbs. Below is a paragraph written about the lawsuit. If you have any of these products, throw them away.

SAN FRANCISCO—Mateel Justice Foundation, in conjunction with two individual plaintiffs, brought a lawsuit against six fish oil manufacturers and two retailers for labeling violations of the California Safe Drinking Water and Toxic Enforcement Act, also known as Proposition 65. Filed March 2 in Superior Court of San Francisco, the suit alleges several fish oil products sold in California failed to include label warnings for levels of PCBs (polychlorinated biphenyl compounds) found in the products by testing initiated by the plaintiffs, which include Chris Manthey and Benson Chiles, both consultants with the environmentalist Blue Line Network. Named as defendants in the suit were two retailers—CVS Pharmacy Inc. and Rite Aid Corp.—and six manufacturers—General Nutrition Corp. (GNC); NOW Health Group Inc.; Omega Protein Inc.; Pharmavite LLC (Nature Made brand); Solgar Inc.; and TwinlabCorp.

Supplements vs. Essentials

Written by Tim Gojich on 09/25/12. Category: Get Fit Healthy Blog, Supplements

Supplements vs. Essentials

The supplement business is a billion dollar industry in America. This is in part due to the fact that this industry plays on human emotions in order to sell a product. When you walk into a supplement store there are bottles and bags of garbage lining the shelves that are disguised as "healthy" supplements. They take a picture of some woman with an eating disorder in a bikini and pass her off as using this product to have gotten so skinny. Same goes for the product sold to men where the guy on steroids is on the bottle and you automatically assume that this guy got ripped from the product. Guess again. These models have never used the garbage in the bottle. It really is up to us to be smarter than these companies and realize that nothing can replace hard work and a good basic nutrition. When you get your essentials from your food, sleep, water and exercise, you really do not need much more than that to lose weight or gain lean muscle.

A lot of people are looking for a shortcut. This is what makes you drive to the supplement store or to make that decision online to purchase supplements. You want it and you want it now. Well, it doesn't work that way. If you want to get results such as fat loss or lean muscle gain, you have to have a workout, nutrition plan and you need to stay hydrated. I always recommend drinking half your body weight in ounces daily in order to meet that need. Also, your body needs 7 to 8 hours of sleep. This is how your body repairs itself. All of these things are essentials. If you have not met these basic needs, forget trying to take something that will get you results. You can not have a lifestyle full of holes and fill it up with powders and pills. There is a new wave of garbage supplements out there that are sold through multi-level marketing techniques. This is where your coworker, relative, or "friend" on Facebook raves about how much weight they lost and how amazing they feel from this stuff. The motivation for them bragging about these garbage supplements is money. They get commission for passing this stuff off onto you. They come up with all sorts of ways to get you to take this crap; Facebook, free boot camps and shake parties. It really is sad to see people get wrapped up in this stuff rather than take the time to shop for good food, and meet their daily essentials. It does not cost you more to meet your needs. In fact you will spend a lot less on good food than you would on the garbage powders and pills.

I have been using sound nutrition and lifestyle techniques that center around people meeting their essential needs for 15 years. It makes me very happy to see people adhere to this basic concept. I have seen entire families become healthier due to one person in the family choosing to just eat cleaner and exercise on a regular basis. It can become infectious. The reward to buying into basic concept of meeting your essential needs is that the results last for a lifetime, unlike these here today gone tomorrow supplement companies.

You will notice that I do include good basic whey protein powder and high quality fish oil as part of meeting you essential needs. I do not consider high quality whey protein and fish oils as a supplements. If you are a man you need 1 gram of protein per pound of lean body mass. If you are a female, you need .08 per pound of lean mass in order to lose fat, gain or maintain you muscle. So if you are a man and you weigh 200 lbs and you know you should be 160 lbs, you will meet that need in protein. Females will use the same formula but will use a little less than a gram. If you are a female that weighs 150 but you know you should be around 120 you will eat around 96 grams of protein a day. In order to meet this need, you will want a high quality whey protein that has just a few ingredients. The fewer the ingredients, the better. Some of the garbage that I mentioned above has a ton of stuff added to stabilize it, color it, flavor it and allow it to sit on shelves for a long period of time. Studies on these products have exposed lead, paint thinner, arsenic, and other toxic things that should never go into your body at any quantity.

Fish oil is another "essential" that I do not consider a "supplement." We should all try and get 1 to 5 grams a day of omega 3 fatty acids. Failing to meet this need leaves holes in your bodies ability to reduce inflammation and complete cells etc. I have also covered fish oil in past posts. I have always been recommending Carlson's Brand Fish Oil for over 12 years now. They have a high quality seal.

I know that telling you to eat a good salad, meet your protein needs and workout 3 to 4 times a week isn't as sexy as taking the latest fat loss, cleanse crap in a bottle. Trust me, the basics work. More important, the results last a lifetime. Watch this video and I bet you will think twice about buying supplements.

The Protein Powder Guide

Written by Tim Gojich on 04/24/12. Category: Get Fit Healthy Blog, Supplements, Breakfast, Gain Lean Tissue

The Protein Powder Guide

All protein powders are not created equal. In fact, most of the protein powders on the market are made with low quality ingredients and full of sweeteners, fillers and preservatives. Remember, you are what you eat. I say this all the time. We sometimes forget that we are part of a food chain. If the animal was fed bad, pumped with hormones and antibiotics, you will absorb the same stuff. This is why I always suggest a higher quality protein that you can trust. The cheap protein manufacturers never brag about the quality of their product. They instead play on your emotions and suggest you will lose weight and get a six pack from there product. Muscle milk has been shown to have arsenic and lead in the product. They leave that part out. I have researched this subject for over 10 years and the brands that I recommend are ones that you can trust. They are made from a grass fed cow source that was not given hormones and drugs. They cold filter process the protein to ensure that nutrients are not lost. The cheap proteins pasteurize their products and essentially burn out most of the good nutrients. This gives it a long shelf life but does not give you good nutrition.

Read this article about muscle milk, a cheap protein powder that you should never use.

Over the past 7 years I have recommended Jay Robb protein. I sold it here at my gym so that it was convenient for my clients and boot campers. I have great confidence in this product. It is from a grass fed source, it is cold filtered process, and it is sweetened with stevia, a natural sweetener that does not spike your insulin. Jay Robb is perfect for a post workout shake due to the fact that it is a protein isolate. This version of protein hits your system quick. This is ideal for the hour that follows your workout. So on the diet that I created, this is the one I recommend for post workout. Follow the amount of protein based on your body weight.

I came across the Warrior Whey protein about a year ago after reading the Warrior Diet. Ori Hofmekler, the author of the Warrior Diet makes his own protein powder. After learning more about it, I decided to incorporated it into my diet. This protein meets all of the criteria of the Jay Robb has but it is even better when used as a meal replacement. The reason for this is that it is made as a concentrate. A concentrate will break down slower. This protein has good fat added back to it and is high in fiber. High fiber and a slower digesting protein will keep you satisfied longer. This is why I suggest this protein as a breakfast shake. Using Warrior Whey protein along with an apple is the perfect breakfast for fat loss or muscle gain.

I recently did a post about another protein powder that I came across. You could read it below. Dr. Mercola took Ori Hofmekler's protein powder and added a few things to it. I know this to be the case because they work together in coming up with health products. The added benefits to Pure Power Protein is that he put 15 billion cfu probiotics and chia seeds into the processing of this powder. This powder is an alternative to the Warrior Whey as a meal replacement. It is your choice.

Recap on the powders.

Jay Robb-( Protein Isolate)

Used as a post workout shake. Just mix with cold water and follow the serving based on your weight. Try and drink it within an hour of your workout. You can buy it at Vitamin shoppe and Lassen's or online.

Warrior Whey- (Protein Concentrate)

Best used as a meal replacement. On the X-Treme Fat Loss diet I recommend this as a breakfast with the apple or in the afternoon if you crave protein. This can be purchased online through our website. Just click the banner on our shop.

Pure Protein Powder- (protein concentrate with probiotics and chia seeds added)

This can be used a meal replacement just like the warrior whey. This can be purchased at

Keep in mind, if I see an improvement on something that I recommend, protein powder, fish oil, etc. I will tell you about it. To ignore improvements is to be stuck in the mud. We are and have always looked to be cutting edge with exercise and nutrition.

BCAA/ Branched Chain Amino Acids

Written by Tim Gojich on 12/08/10. Category: Supplements

Optimum BCAA 100 4c189871bbbf4If you are in the fat burning class you are probably still a little fuzzy on what the BCAA supplement is. I have been asked about it a lot in the last couple of days. So I will break it down for you guys.

Branched Chain Amino Acids are 3 Essential Amino Acids : Leucine, Isoleucine and Valine. These Essential Amino Acids are found in food such as steak, chicken, fish etc. BCAA's have been studied very heavily. The studies show that taking Branched Chain Amino Acids 15 minutes before a workout resulted in 33% muscle gain than those not taking them. This is a big deal. Most of you are overweight because your metabolism has slowed down due to a lack of lean tissue. In a class that includes weight training as a method to changing your body composition you are missing out heavily by not taking advantage of this supplement. I know that it sounds like I am trying to sell you a product to make profit but what I am really after is results. If you get results, I get a happy client that is noticed by family, friends and coworkers.

When you take the BCAA's after a workout, studies have shown that you recover 3 times faster than when you do not take the supplement. This is a big deal when doing workouts back to back. I need you to give 100% every workout. If you do not take your recovery regimen serious, you will not be able to give it your all the next day. Serious athletes and everyday people like you and I have been taking advantage of this regimen for years. It is time that you start taking advantage of this process to ensure great results from our programs.

I have always been a trainer that follows the philosophy of eating healthy, sleeping 7 to 8 hours, drinking lots of water and taking essential supplements that you are not going to get from your diet alone. You have to take fish oil because it is essential for every cell in your body. I promise you that you are not meeting your omega 3 needs unless you are supplementing with good quality fish oil. The BCAA's are no exception to that rule. To get the amount of protein right before a workout that you are receiving from 5 grams of BCAA's you would have to eat a chicken breast. Even if this was possible, you would not be able to utilize all of the amino acids during your workout the way that you do with the supplement. This is a rare occasion along with fish oil where the supplement is better for building muscle and burning fat. The other obvious benefit to taking it 15 minutes before your workout is that you do not have to digest it and it is 0 calories.

If you need more info just use google search. It is hard to find anything negative about taking them. After that, come to Fit For Life and get your BCAA's. We carry a liquid version that makes it convenient. You just put 2 teaspoons in 30 ounces of water and sip it during your workout. (click on the store and learn more about the liquid). If you take the capsules that we carry, you take as many as the chart indicates. We handed the diet guidelines out at class. Any questions please feel free to email me - This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.