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Hydrate for Fat Loss

Written by Tim Gojich on 07/07/11. Category: Get Fit Healthy Blog, Fat Loss, Hydration

Hydrate for Fat Loss

If I told you that I had a new supplement that would do all these things…

1. Get You Stronger
2. Help You Lose Body Fat
3. Increase Energy
4. Cut Down Your Cravings For Sugar and Salty Foods
5. Improve Your Skin
6. Lubricate Your Joints (Which Leads To Less Joint Pain)
7. Boost Your Immune System
8. It is Free or the Cost is as little as 20 cents per bottle.

Would you buy it?

Of course you would. The problem is, most people do not understand the power of being hydrated. They look elsewhere for the “reason” that they are not losing fat and feeling bad. Supplement companies, your friends on social media and trainers will try and sell you the next magic supplement that promises to do all the things I mention above, but with a high cost. In the end, those supplements do not stand a chance to work if you are not drinking water. In fact, if you start to meet your water needs while taking their garbage, you will pee them right down the drain along with your money.
If you are dehydrated, you are not going to be successful on any exercise program. It does not matter how well laid out the program is. Your body will pull back resources to protect you. Our bodies system will not allow us to give an all out effort on anything physical when we need water.
A lot of our programs are based on you giving 80% of your strength for a period of time. If you start your day dehydrated, you are walking into Team Training at 50% at best. It is like walking into the gym with your parking brake on. The result of those efforts will not yield what you could have accomplished by simply being hydrated.
Hopefully I have sold you on water at this point. Maybe even convinced you to stop taking those magic pills. Here is what I recommend:

1. Drink half your bodyweight in ounces of water
2. Drink the amount above, 7 days per week
3. Lay out water bottles that equal your ounces needed the night before
4. Cut down on “other” beverages. This includes coffee, teas, juices, sodas. These drinks will make it tough to meet your needs
5. Use sparkling water whenever you crave carbonation
6. Get in the habit of drinking 6 ounces of water 30 minutes before and after every meal. It aids digestion and helps get your number of ounces up
7. Do not take a break from water. The major “needs” of your body require you to be consistent. If you take just one day off, you will have negative effects. I do not say this to stress you. I mention itso that you understand how important it is to be consistent.

Meet your needs and reach your full potential!

Tim Gojich, CPT

Stay Hydrated

Written by Tim Gojich on 04/14/10. Category: Get Fit Healthy Blog, Hydration

Stay Hydrated

The Bakersfield heat is finally here. I am pretty sure it is going to be hot from now until September. Boot Campers really need to pay attention to their hydration levels, especially the evening class. To ensure proper hydration make sure to drink good, clean water first thing in the morning. One rule to live by is to drink 8 ounces of water right after brushing your teeth, wait about 15 minutes and then eat breakfast. Drink another 8 ounces within about 20 to 30 minutes after you have eaten to help digest food correctly. Now you can have your coffee. Another rule for hydration is to get enough water for your body weight. If you take your lean or ideal body weight and divide it by 2, you now have a goal for the day. Remember: if you drink caffeine add another 8 ounces for every cup of coffee or tea. Caffeine will act as a diuretic and it will force water out of your body. So, make sure to replace what was lost.

When choosing water, try to drink spring water. Fiji and Evian are great choices because they have a good amount of natural minerals that your body needs. Try to avoid water that has just been filtered, they do not deliver any minerals at all. In fact, filtered water has been shown to strip nutrients away from your gut. I know that there are those who will say water is water, but I have been educated on the subject to know better.

Gatorade is tempting when it is hot. The problem is the sugar content. Most of the Gatorade products will have almost as much sugar and calories as a soda. If you are doing an activity for over an hour and plan on going for another hour or longer, Gatorade will be effective. The average person doing the average workout will be just fine with good water.