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The Protein Powder Guide

Written by Tim Gojich on 04/24/12. Category: Get Fit Healthy Blog, Supplements, Breakfast, Gain Lean Tissue

The Protein Powder Guide

All protein powders are not created equal. In fact, most of the protein powders on the market are made with low quality ingredients and full of sweeteners, fillers and preservatives. Remember, you are what you eat. I say this all the time. We sometimes forget that we are part of a food chain. If the animal was fed bad, pumped with hormones and antibiotics, you will absorb the same stuff. This is why I always suggest a higher quality protein that you can trust. The cheap protein manufacturers never brag about the quality of their product. They instead play on your emotions and suggest you will lose weight and get a six pack from there product. Muscle milk has been shown to have arsenic and lead in the product. They leave that part out. I have researched this subject for over 10 years and the brands that I recommend are ones that you can trust. They are made from a grass fed cow source that was not given hormones and drugs. They cold filter process the protein to ensure that nutrients are not lost. The cheap proteins pasteurize their products and essentially burn out most of the good nutrients. This gives it a long shelf life but does not give you good nutrition.

Read this article about muscle milk, a cheap protein powder that you should never use.

Over the past 7 years I have recommended Jay Robb protein. I sold it here at my gym so that it was convenient for my clients and boot campers. I have great confidence in this product. It is from a grass fed source, it is cold filtered process, and it is sweetened with stevia, a natural sweetener that does not spike your insulin. Jay Robb is perfect for a post workout shake due to the fact that it is a protein isolate. This version of protein hits your system quick. This is ideal for the hour that follows your workout. So on the diet that I created, this is the one I recommend for post workout. Follow the amount of protein based on your body weight.

I came across the Warrior Whey protein about a year ago after reading the Warrior Diet. Ori Hofmekler, the author of the Warrior Diet makes his own protein powder. After learning more about it, I decided to incorporated it into my diet. This protein meets all of the criteria of the Jay Robb has but it is even better when used as a meal replacement. The reason for this is that it is made as a concentrate. A concentrate will break down slower. This protein has good fat added back to it and is high in fiber. High fiber and a slower digesting protein will keep you satisfied longer. This is why I suggest this protein as a breakfast shake. Using Warrior Whey protein along with an apple is the perfect breakfast for fat loss or muscle gain.

I recently did a post about another protein powder that I came across. You could read it below. Dr. Mercola took Ori Hofmekler's protein powder and added a few things to it. I know this to be the case because they work together in coming up with health products. The added benefits to Pure Power Protein is that he put 15 billion cfu probiotics and chia seeds into the processing of this powder. This powder is an alternative to the Warrior Whey as a meal replacement. It is your choice.

Recap on the powders.

Jay Robb-( Protein Isolate)

Used as a post workout shake. Just mix with cold water and follow the serving based on your weight. Try and drink it within an hour of your workout. You can buy it at Vitamin shoppe and Lassen's or online.

Warrior Whey- (Protein Concentrate)

Best used as a meal replacement. On the X-Treme Fat Loss diet I recommend this as a breakfast with the apple or in the afternoon if you crave protein. This can be purchased online through our website. Just click the banner on our shop.

Pure Protein Powder- (protein concentrate with probiotics and chia seeds added)

This can be used a meal replacement just like the warrior whey. This can be purchased at

Keep in mind, if I see an improvement on something that I recommend, protein powder, fish oil, etc. I will tell you about it. To ignore improvements is to be stuck in the mud. We are and have always looked to be cutting edge with exercise and nutrition.

Lose Weight or Lose Fat: The battle of cardio vs. strength training

Written by Tim Gojich on 02/10/12. Category: Get Fit Healthy Blog, Gain Lean Tissue

Lose Weight or Lose Fat: The battle of cardio vs. strength training

There's no denying that by doing cardio you'll lose weight. But who cares what you look like on a scale, it's all about what you look like in the mirror at the end of the day. You could be at a weight that's considered healthy until you look in the mirror and all that you see is a flabby, weak, soft body. So enough about my opinion let's look at the facts:

The metabolism issue:

Steady State Cardio (jogging, bike, elliptical at the same speed) has been shown by several experts to increase your metabolism for only about an hour after exercise then it drops back to normal; whereas strength training has been shown to elevate our metabolism for hours after a workout. When you weight train you break down muscle fibers, which takes energy to rebuild. When these muscle fibers have been rebuilt they are stronger, firmer, more toned, and now take more energy to maintain. So who wins the battle of burning more calories throughout the day? Can I get strength training for a thousand please!!!

I recently read an article found on the Livestrong website quoting "The National Women's Health Information Center recommends strength training at least twice a week in addition to aerobic activities and stretching. Only 21 percent of women follow this advice, according to the National Center for Health Statistics, despite the potential of a sleeker, stronger body for a modest time investment." So you're telling me I can look better, feel stronger, and it'll happen faster if I incorporate resistance training into my program? The response I get from most women (and some men) "No thanks, I don't want to look bulky!" This response reminds me of a quote I heard not too long ago from a strength and conditioning expert we trainers really look up to..."Most people don't want to learn new things. They only want to hear about things that validate the crap they're already doing." —Mike Boyle

"To sculpt, you must first have concrete."–Anonymous.

You cannot shape fat, you need muscle; your foundation; your concrete, in order to sculpt. It has been studied and shown that in order to get "washboard" abs (because let's face it that's always the area us Americans are obsessed with), men need to have a body fat percentage around 10% or less and women around 13% or less. As a woman, I've been close to 13% ; my lowest body fat percentage was 14% and my abs looked awesome. What did I weigh you ask? Um, who the heck cares I have a six pack thank you very much! The funny thing is I get asked all the time how much I weigh and am always guessed at being about 20 lbs. less than what I really am. So why is that? I think at this point the answer is obvious, you've heard that muscle weighs more than fat? Well, I have a lot of muscle, obtained not from "cardio" but weight lifting! I'm not saying cardio is bad, I think cardio is great for relieving stress, promoting a healthy heart, and many other reasons, just not too much cardio and never just cardio.

Just to emphasize what your goals are: are they to look like Jessica Beil (pictured left) who stated herself when trying to lean up and cut fat she weight trains for an hour and does cardio for 30 minutes. Of course not all of us have that kind of time, but my point is to show you her priority is in weight training. If your goal is to look like fellow olympic long distance runner (pictured right) then keep doing your cardio.

Jessica Beil lean body, distance runner sick body, jessica lean sexy body, cardio distance body, sexy, sick, sexy, sick....hmmmm let me think!

At Fit for Life, we believe no matter what your goals are, implementing resistance training plays a large part in how we help you achieve those goals. We create a fun, friendly, environment with programs that are balanced and catered towards building stronger, leaner bodies. Our circuit training class, held during the weeknights, is a great way to get started. We do a mixture of resistance exercises using bands, medicine balls, stability balls, dumbells, kettlebells, and the list goes on. From bootcamp to bootcamp, circuit to circuit, and from personal training programs in the gym we use the periodization rule. Meaning, we evolve and change the programs, so you are never doing the same things over and over and over, because afterall that's insane!

Tiffany Encinas, CPT.