Frequently Asked Questions

Do I have to be in good shape to join?

No. We understand that most of those who start with us are joining because they have not done anything physical in a while. We offer different levels of fitness to take care of beginners and advanced fitness levels. If you have

What makes you gym different from the big chain gyms?

Fit For Life is owned and operated by a Certified Fitness Trainer with 18 years experience. Most box gyms are owned and operated by people who have sales skills but lack fitness knowledge. At Fit For Life you are treated with care and not treated as just another number.

Is you gym expensive?

At Fit For Life we offer different memberships that can fit most peoples budget. Our mission is to get you in the best shape possible while making it affordable enough to continue for years to come.

Do you have to sign up for a long term membership?

Absolutely not. You have lots of options with Fit For Life. In fact the longest contract that we offer is one year. We want you to be happy from year to year with us. We have had people do our programs for over 10 years, because they want to rather than being locked in to a 3 year deal. Any gym that offers you longer than one year is sure that they will not make you happy. They feel the only way to get all the money out of you that they can is to lock you up for a long time. This is a dirty little secret used by all of the big gyms.

Do you offer locker rooms and showers?

Yes. Our locker rooms are spa like. We not only have showers for members, we fully stock them with body wash, shampoo, conditoners, gel, hair spray, hair dryers, curling irons and shower towels. We realize that you might need to go from your workout to some place important. We want to make it easy so that you do not have to lug all this stuff around.

Are your Trainers Certified Fitness Instructors?

Yes. All of the trainers that take you through your workouts carry exercise science degrees or they carry a nationally recognized certification. This is very important when deciding to let someone guide you through exercise. I have seen all sorts of people claim to be boot camp instructors over the past few years that have no business instructing people on proper exercise. This is how people get injured. Fit For Life gym has the Highest standards in educated trainers in Bakersfield.

Will I see results if I join your gym?

We have coached thousands to healthy fitness and body fat goals. Every membership that we offer is designed with results in mind. Every workout written for you personally or written for a group session is designed to get you stronger, leaner and help you move better. We offer monthly body fat assessments to all of our members. We call this our on track session. Members sit down with the head trainer to look at progress and receive direction on what it might take to keep attaining their goals.

O.K. I am ready to try Fit For Life Gym. What are my options?

Getting started with us is easy. We offer a 30 day Paid Trial Membership. This trial is $69 and is valued at $240 with no obligation to join after the 30 days. In the 30 days you receive all of our services to help you make your decision. You will receive a goal setting appointment with our head trainer, a one on one personal training session, a semi private personal training session and unlimited access to our very popular Team Training Classes. When the 30 days is up, we hope to make you part of the Fit For Life Family.

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