6 Week Fat Loss Program Starts 10/23/17!

Fit For Life Gym’s X-Treme Fat Program kicks off October 23. The 6 week program includes unlimited access to our large group training classes 6 days per week, a customized nutrition plan. The sale of this class closes Friday Oct. 27.

Call 325-0900 to get your spot. Read below to see how to save $ by forming a group!

Our Certified Fitness Trainers are among the best Bakersfield has to offer. They will lead every workout with the intention of bringing out the best in you, while correcting form at all times.

This year we are offering advanced and beginner groups. If you need a super hard workout the advanced group is for you. Those needing to start slower and build functional strength and cardio, will start in our beginner group.

FAQ Fat Loss Program

1. Do I have to be in great shape to do the program?

If you start the program in great shape, you will go into our advanced group. If you are new to exercise or working out has not been a habit for a while in your life, we will start you in the beginner group.

2. What will I be doing in the classes?

Each class is instructed by a certified or degreed fitness professional. All classes are one hour long. All classes include an active stretch warm up. The workouts are always full body and functional. The classes are designed to get you stronger, move well through a full range of motion while demanding your cardio improve.

3. If I start in the beginner group, do I have the option of going into the advanced group when I feel I am ready?

Absolutely. The beginner group is designed to give you all the tools to move up in intensity. It is our goal to make everyone advanced over time. With that said, those who spend all 6 weeks in the beginner group will show great improvement. Our goal is to get everyone on track to becoming Fit For Life, so patience and long term thinking is a
theme at Fit For Life Gym.

4. What type of nutrition advice do I get in this program?

Everyone who signs up receives a free body fat test given by our certified nutrition coach. The test will reveal your lean muscle mass, fat mass and water. The nutrition coach will explain your health score and follow with an assigned eating plan based on your goals. The eating plan is simple to follow and has been one of the keys to so many people having success in our programs.

5. What times are the classes in the program offered?

The classes are scheduled with busy people in mind. You choose any day or time that helps you get in an average of 3 to 4 days per week. Classes are offered at 5 am, 6 am and again at
5:30 pm. Saturdays are offered at 8 am and 9 am. Click here for the class schedule

6. I am ready to sign up, how much does it cost?

We offer a group discount for those who go out and recruit friends and family. If you sign up alone, you will make friends. We have great people at Fit For Life Gym. Prices based on how you sign up.

Individual - $129 

Couples (2 People who sign up together) - $119

Trio (3 people signing up together) - $99

Large Group (5 or more) - $79

CALL 325-0900 TO SIGN UP