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  • 500 REP 5 K CHALLENGE 12/10/16

    500 REP 5 K CHALLENGE 12/10/16

    Fit For Life Gym will be hosting our "500 Rep 5K Challenge" charity event on Saturday, December 10th, 2016 at Yokuts Park. All of the proceeds will be donated to our local Bakersfield Homeless Center. Our 5 K is not your ordinary run. Our 5 K is unique in that we make it a full body workout. Ten stations will be set up from Yokuts Park to Beach Park totaling a 5K distance. You will weave in and out of the river bed where you will be asked to perform exercises such as push ups, lunges, burpees, etc. It ends up being a killer workout! Long Sleeve T-shirts will be given out to those who complete the course. It will be a full-body workout for an amazing cause. This is a free event, however, we are simply asking for one or more sets of children's pajamas or warm outerwear for children at the Homeless Center. We hope that we can count on your support for this special cause! After the run, we will provide snacks and refreshments.
    Click below to download your waiver. Print and complete the waiver, then bring it in to our gym before December 10th or bring it with you on run day. Don't forget to bring a set of new pajamas or outerwear as your entry fee!
    Event Details

    When: Saturday, December 10th

    Where: Yokuts Park

    Time: Registration starts at 7:30 am, Run begins at 9:00 am
    Cost: One or more sets of new children's pajamas or outerwear (ages infant-teen)



     Click Here To See Photos Of Past Runs


  • All Fast Food Is Bad For You

    All Fast Food Is Bad For You

    About 10 years ago, I wrote a blog post that was very popular. In fact, it was the most popular article I have ever written. It was entitled “Where to Eat Out In Bakersfield.” When I wrote the article, people seemed to want to eat out 2 to 3 times per week and needed direction on what foods qualify as healthy. I did make it clear that the number one choice when it comes to eating healthy is to shop and cook rather than eat out. A couple of years after I wrote the article, I started to notice a trend towards people eating out 4 to 5 days per week. As someone who is trying to help people eat healthy, this concerned me. As I saw the trend towards eating out continue to grow, it was no surprise that the fast food chains were growing. If you support them, they grow. Over the past 10 years, we have all seen fast food turn up in every new shopping center. They are on every corner in
    Bakersfield these days.

    On a list of cites all across the United States that rank high with fast food choices, Bakersfield is listed as 16th on the list of 18,443. I have spent the last 19 years in Bakersfield trying to combat obesity with my clients, boot campers, team training groups etc., and of course nutrition talks. When I talk nutrition, I am constantly trying to get people to shop for food and cook. My job has become tremendously hard over the past 8 years due to the overwhelming amount of fast food choices offered in this city. I am not alone. I am sure trainers all over Bakersfield are finding it harder to get people to eat at home. It really is the solution. Eating at home is always going to be lower in sodium, saturated fats, sugars, preservatives, etc. Fast Food chains simply do not care about offering actual healthy items. The items that they claim are healthy are no different. They are simply portioned smaller. A small amount of crap food is still crap food.

    All fast food is bad for you. I am sorry if you do not like that statement, but it is true. I am not saying that you have to be perfect and never eat it. If 80 percent of your meals come from home and 20 percent of your meals come from eating out, you are good. Most people that I am trying to help have that equation flipped. That is a serious issue. Here is why:
    Fast food beef is very low quality. The fat content is usually 30 percent or higher. Animals that are fed hormones, toxins, cheap food and/or antibiotics store these things in their fat. You eat the meat and their fat and you have now ingested those wonderful additives. Ninety-nine percent of low and medium chain food places offer caged chickens. Caged chickens are fed the same and yet have no way of exercising as they would if they were free range. Caged chickens are pumped with additives and hormones. So your nuggets, sandwiches, salads, etc., all come from that source. In terms of your health, this source of meat no matter how it was prepared, is bad for you.
    Fast Food chains love to market using keywords like: grilled, flame broiled, skinless, fat free, etc., to sell the public crap. Grilled crap is still crap. Fat free crap is still crap. If a professional athlete is on a commercial selling you on a sandwich that is served out of a gas station, it does not make it healthy. If that same place is using marketing terms like “eat fresh” and sells you processed, nitrate enriched meat, is not fresh and definitely not healthy.
    Here is my list exploiting fast food chains to prove why you should avoid them as often as possible. I will not use real names for obvious reasons.
    1. The large M place. The father of all fast food.
    a. Cheap processed beef and chicken full of hormones and antibiotics
    b. Cheap processed buns full of sugar
    c. Horrible choices for kids and yet they market heavy to kids as early as 2 years old to get them hooked.
    d. Deceiving marketing to all ages. They spend billions to convince you that they are great for families
    e. For their influence and blueprint making other fast food chains all most as popular as they are.
    f. Super Sizing
    2. Rhymes with Taco Hell
    a. Their beans and cheeses all carry transfats. Trans Fats are so bad for human consumption that they are illegal to use in other countries and even some states in the U.S.
    b. They use cheap quality beef and add fillers and preservatives to stretch their product. This makes it cheaper to sell, but worse on your health
    c. Driving prices down to convince the public it is cheaper for you and your family to eat there instead of going to the store and buying food. I hear this all the time.
    d. Claiming to be authentic Mexican food when it is not even close
    3. The place that uses commercials claiming you will lose weight eating sandwiches.  I realize the public can make their own choices. When a company spends millions on a message like that, unfortunately it works. Bakersfield people have shown a great love for this fake health food place and sadly they are not offering weight loss sandwiches. Make no mistake, this fast food sandwich chain should be looked at no different than the others I mentioned.

    I could list others here and the pattern would be very similar. The burger places follow you know who. The fake Mexican places follow the one above. The sandwich places follow the foot long king. They are all bad for you. No matter how they market, portion or name their food, it is crap food that should be eaten in moderation. If you eat this type of food 5 days a week, you will be unhealthy. The sodium is sure to cause your blood pressure to go up. Your blood sugar is likely to spike towards conditions like diabetes. Your arteries are sure to clog over time. Your weight is very likely to put you in the obese and often morbid obesity category. I know this all sounds daunting and even cynical. Honestly, I am just being truthful. At the same time, I am optimistic that the demand for actual healthy food is going up. Bakersfield people are not quite there yet. We are headed there. The changes will come sooner across the nation due to the demand for healthy fast food in places like Los Angeles, San Francisco, Colorado, etc. Men’s Health puts out annual fittest cities. The ones at the top are creating a demand for good food. This will influence the fast food industry and at some point reach us.
    I will write a follow up to this article that will go over other food options that include prepared meals. As most of you know, I have joined with a great team of people to offer healthy prepared meals. We are called Farm Fit Eats.

  • The Quality Of Your Food Matters

    The Quality Of Your Food Matters

    If you are looking to lose weight, gain muscle, perform better at activites you love,  what you eat will come into play. When you eat, how much you eat, what you do not eat, are all real factors that  should't be ignored. Problem is, most people end up focusing on numbers rather than simply looking to upgrade the quality of foods they already eat. I have seen lots people fail in attmepts at accomplishing their goal becuase of this. Measuring food, counting every calorie including mints, reading every label in the market, inputting everything in your new app, these habits are not normal. More important, these habits are not sustainable for life. That should be the end game. Being Fit and Healthy For Life! 

    There is way too much information and opinions out there on the subject of nutrition these days. If you go online and search weight loss, you will find that there are millions of opinions on the subject. Why is that? Money. There is a lot of cash being made by large and small supplement companies, book writers, and processed food companies. I do not place the blame on them. They are simply putting out products that Americans are hungry for. The point is the public really is becoming numb with information. These days an average person looking to drop a few pounds may try 5 different diets (even weird stuff like eating healthy donuts) and 10 different styles of exercise, in a 6 month period. Facebook, Instagram and other social media has not helped with all this. Everyone out there is an expert. If a girl looks good in yoga pants, other girls want to know what she is eating and how she works out. She then thinks, "I should start giving advice on nutrition and exercise, oh and upload my selfies." This misinformation leads to stress. We all know that stress is a bad thing. It deserves its own article due to the extensive damage we create when we walk around in fight or flight 24/7. For now, let's agree that we need a simple solution.

    I feel that being satisfied from meal to meal is a huge factor in weight loss and weight management. Eating a high quality meal will allow you to be the best you that you can be. The hours in between a good meal should leave you feeling energetic and free to be creative, caring, inventive, etc. Not feeling empty, grumpy, bloated and more importantly, still hungry. Eating fast food, highly processed supermarket food, and cheap meal replacements are almost guaranteed to leave you feeling the negative effects I just explained. There is a term that describes what happens to people when they start eating processed foods, "Stuffed yet starved." When you eat cheap food even if it is 1000 calories, one hour later you will feel like you have not eaten anything at all. Why is this? Empty calories is why. The human brain does not recognize most food items when they become altered or denatured. The part of the brain that registered satiety says, "Keep eating" if it has not received nutrients, minerals and vitamins.

     When you upgrade the quality of your food, amazing things start to happen. You become satisfied with fewer calories. You have new energy. Sleep gets better. Your moods become leveled out. Taking pride in what goes into your body is infectious. If you are a parent, teaching your kids to value of being mindful of what they eat is a lifelong gift. Co-workers, family and friends could all be influenced by the habit of caring about how you shop, cook and even grow your food. When someone Instagrams a shot of the garden they just put in their backyard, that should get more likes than someone posting a big ass hamburger and fries. You have heard the saying a million times, “change your lifestyle, not your diet." I have said this for many years. I usually follow that up with making sure whoever I say that to understands the first step in actually doing it. Change your relationship with food. Eat the highest quality of food that you can afford. There will be good things to follow!

    Tim Gojich CPT.

  • Avoid these 10 habits to avoid gaining fat


    detox-the-key-to-optimal-healthDrinking big glasses of fruit juice and Gatorade with a meal is a really good way of getting fat because of the large amount of fructose (sugar) they contain . Fructose converts to fat very easily because it stores directly in the muscle cells. I have mentioned this to people for years and always have a few people that want to argue that they get a lot of vitamins from drinking fruit juice. LOOK, you can get all of those vitamins from eating the actual fruit with additional benefits such as fiber and phytonutrients, but with a lot less carbs and calories. The exception to this rule is when using juice in a post workout scenario. This is the only time that your body will use the quick acting sugar to deliver the protein. This window after your workout is about 30 minutes. After that, your body will want to store that sugar as fat. So if you crave juice later in the day, choose a vegetable juice.

  • Hydrate for Fat Loss

    Hydrate for Fat Loss

    If I told you that I had a new supplement that would do all these things…

    1. Get You Stronger
    2. Help You Lose Body Fat
    3. Increase Energy
    4. Cut Down Your Cravings For Sugar and Salty Foods
    5. Improve Your Skin
    6. Lubricate Your Joints (Which Leads To Less Joint Pain)
    7. Boost Your Immune System
    8. It is Free or the Cost is as little as 20 cents per bottle.

    Would you buy it?

    Of course you would. The problem is, most people do not understand the power of being hydrated. They look elsewhere for the “reason” that they are not losing fat and feeling bad. Supplement companies, your friends on social media and trainers will try and sell you the next magic supplement that promises to do all the things I mention above, but with a high cost. In the end, those supplements do not stand a chance to work if you are not drinking water. In fact, if you start to meet your water needs while taking their garbage, you will pee them right down the drain along with your money.
    If you are dehydrated, you are not going to be successful on any exercise program. It does not matter how well laid out the program is. Your body will pull back resources to protect you. Our bodies system will not allow us to give an all out effort on anything physical when we need water.
    A lot of our programs are based on you giving 80% of your strength for a period of time. If you start your day dehydrated, you are walking into Team Training at 50% at best. It is like walking into the gym with your parking brake on. The result of those efforts will not yield what you could have accomplished by simply being hydrated.
    Hopefully I have sold you on water at this point. Maybe even convinced you to stop taking those magic pills. Here is what I recommend:

    1. Drink half your bodyweight in ounces of water
    2. Drink the amount above, 7 days per week
    3. Lay out water bottles that equal your ounces needed the night before
    4. Cut down on “other” beverages. This includes coffee, teas, juices, sodas. These drinks will make it tough to meet your needs
    5. Use sparkling water whenever you crave carbonation
    6. Get in the habit of drinking 6 ounces of water 30 minutes before and after every meal. It aids digestion and helps get your number of ounces up
    7. Do not take a break from water. The major “needs” of your body require you to be consistent. If you take just one day off, you will have negative effects. I do not say this to stress you. I mention itso that you understand how important it is to be consistent.

    Meet your needs and reach your full potential!

    Tim Gojich, CPT

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